About About Andrew

Having been animating for over 20 years in the film and television industry, Andrew is well versed in the entire post production process. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Photographic Arts from Ryerson University.

Andrew is an accomplished 2D and 3D animator and compositor, and exceeds his clients' expectations with his unique ability to interpret their visions into scenes that illustrate their story. He has an unparalleled strive for perfection in every project he undertakes, and is constantly seeking out new techniques in order to create the best product in the most efficient manner possible.

Shows & Films include:
The Devil's Horn Manhattan Undying Our Man in Tehran Tales from the Organ Trade Forensic Factor Canadian geographic Masterminds Sex Slaves Lost tomb of Jesus Greatest Tank Battles El Dorado Mighty Ships The Samaritan Beasts of the Bible The Naked Archeologist Riddle of the Polar Sky